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 Massively Helen Hyde by Sephzero

                It was the season of love, Valentine day. All across the tranquil city there was romance blooming in the air. Affections and tenderness filled the city as the populace was sharing some sweet warm moments with one another.

                Watching over this abundance of affection from the rooftop a mighty amazon in a cupid outfit packing twin pistols stood ready. Her weapons did not fire mere bullets but a newly patented Growing Love Pheromone shot. It was a patented product capable of delivering a large dosage of love pheromones with the added benefits of the recipient getting significantly larger and muscular too. A significant step up from last year’s arrow model, this newest iteration guaranteed to provide some Valentine Muscle Love.

                 After all, Magical Lovely Cupid Angel Ichika was on the job.

                Might have to review the moniker, but with her pistols ready there was lots of love that needed dispensing courtesy of Ichika. It was Valentine day after all and she had just received a long list of targets that need a helping dose of some muscle love. Good thing she brought plenty of ammunition.

                Spreading her wing Ichika prepared to leap into action except the wings were just props and jumping off the top of a building was not a good idea. One short walk and elevator ride later Ichika walked out of the building to the odd glares from passersby.

                But reviewing her lists of targets, Ichika wondered which one to hit next. That is until a voice called out to her from the crowd.

                “Hold it right there!”

                It was obvious not aimed toward her after all she was messenger of love. Who would dare to obstruct her noble mission to spread love in the form of growing female form? Not that she was asking for anyone’s permission regardless.  

                “I said for you to stop!”

                Wishing that she had some GPS tracking for all these targets, Ichika silently wondered if maybe delegating some of the work could make things easier. Not like she had an easy way to travel around quickly. Though she did hope whoever was yelling would hurry up and finish things so Ichika could think in peace.

                “I am ordering you in the cupid outfit!”

                That made Ichika stopped and looked around. She did not realize there was someone else around here in a cupid outfit. Hopefully they also look just adorable as she does in the attire maybe they were also on a mission to spread love too. But when she scanned around the crowd there was absolutely nobody else around dressed in a cupid outfit outside her.

                This confused Ichika until she noticed a rather crossed Elaine storming up through the crowd. Gazed fixed squarely on Ichika, Elaine came to a stop and hands placed on the hip with a very annoyed expression on her face. The crowd just sort of parted leaving a wide open area around them.  

                Noticing the look, Ichika asked innocently, “Excuse me, were you perhaps addressing me?”

                “Of course I was talking to you.” Elaine pointed with an accusing finger. “You’re that culprit going around shooting people with some strange muscle growth bullet.”

                “The correct term is Growing Love Pheromone shot,” Ichika corrected with a finger wag, “They’ve been patented to please use the proper term.”

                “I don’t care about their name. The point is that you need to stop do you even realize how much clothing damage you’ve caused with those shot?” Elaine protested loudly.

                Thinking about it, Ichika guessed, “A lot, everyone grows quite big and it is not like the clothing grows with them.”

                “You are completely unrepentant about this.” Elaine muttered at that reaction.

                “That is because I am the cupid of love,” Ichika winked while striking a cute pose.

                Elaine just groaned, “Regardless this ends now.”

                “Actually I am happy it was you that is trying to stop me,” Ichika beamed happily.

                “What do you mean by that?” Elaine questioned feeling an oppressive aura emitting from Ichika.

                “Because you are on the list too, Elaine Melbourne!” Ichika yelled with a wicked gleam in her eyes.

                She quickly drew the pistols and fired them. Elaine was a step quicker having anticipated the move. Stepping forward she quickly slipped between the pistols and pushed them up. The shots went souring up into the sky above.

                “Hey, those shots aren’t cheap!” Ichika complained at the wasted ammo.

                “Like I care about that,” Elaine countered back, “besides cannot let you hit anyone else with those shots.”

                “Not to worry my shots don’t miss.” Ichika winked mischievously.

                Elaine was about to asking what Ichika meant before being hit. Dropping to her knee, Elaine glanced over the shoulders to see the markings of two shots buried into the back. Already she felt the effects of the Growing Love Pheromone shots seeping into the body. Shocked at the turnaround Elaine looked baffled toward Ichika who stuck a tongue.

                “These babies,” She explained holding up the pistols, “are using special tracer rounds that after being aimed at a target will pursue them no matter what. Just an extra insurance to make sure I cannot miss anyone this Valentine Day.”

                “Why are you doing this?” Elaine demanded even as she filled with a heady arousal.

                “Muscle is love. Muscle is life.” Ichika flashed the victory sign.

                Elaine wanted to protest further, but could only manage a loud moan with the change already seizing her body. It was a different experience from taking the Hyde formula there was a lot less internal pain, but still a quieting discomfort.

    She felt the body starting to swell with the clothing growing tight. The feet were starting to ache being crammed into shoes that no longer fit. Desperate to relieve the pressure, she fumbled but managed to pull them off. She stared in shock at seeing the tips of the socks open up to reveal the expanding feet push out.

    The legs too were starting to thicken with the muscles swelling larger. The shape of the muscles bulged while her hips widen too.  This made the shorts ride up further in the legs showing off their impressive and growing length. Further the seat of the short stretched out tightly due to the swelling bottom. A sudden jerk made Elaine realize that the underwear beneath had snapped off, but that was soon followed the shorts which spilt opened.

    Embarrassed at being exposed from the waist down, Elaine desperately tried to cover herself. But it was impossible to pull down her shirt any lower. Thanks to the growing height it now could not even cover the stomach anymore. The exposed belly gradually hardened into a six-pack with the rest of the muscles around the torso joining suit. Even the breasts pushed forward with the thickening chest muscles underneath. Along with the muscles bulking up in her arms the top soon split apart too leaving Elaine with only a few pieces of rags to cover her muscular form.

    Blushing bright red at the display, Elaine turned an angry eye toward Ichika who was already skipping away. Her job now done, she had no further interest with Elaine.

    Elaine wanted to chase Ichika down but found it difficult thanks to the heightened lust triggered by the pheromones. It made her tremble at the burning desires that were gripping her body. It made Elaine wanting for even more. Perhaps unintentionally the effect has awoken a wicked craving that she could not deny.

    Digging through the scraps of clothing Elaine found what she wanted and needed the vial containing the Hyde formula. Quickly she opened it and down the entire content with a ravenous desire. By the time the vial slipped from her hands and hit the ground, her iris have already shifted into a distinct gold while the surrounding sclera turned complete black. Throwing her head back she let out another moan with the teeth growing sharper.

    The brown hair tumbled back spread outward becoming a wild wavy mass that reached down past the waistline. Red quickly overtook the natural brown leaving her with a vibrant crimson mane. Poking out from beneath the mass of hair were distinct pointed ears that showed the signs of discoloration that was spreading across the rest of the skin. The natural pigment replaced with a distinct teal coloration that gave her an unnatural appearance.

                Despite how large and muscular Elaine had become, the newest change was catapulting them to greater length. The hands that once desperately tried to cover up the exposed areas were now warping with black talons emerging from the fingertips. The same thing happened below with the toes sprouting the same black claws too. Even as the arms swelled even thicker with muscles area of the skins broke open to let black spurs to emerge out.

                Gasping for air while the breasts ballooned and bounced forward, Elaine could feel an avalanche of naughty thoughts and urges filling the mind. Too exhausted from the stimulation of the earlier change she succumb to these desires. The only lingering thought focused on getting back at Ichika for all of this. A look of satisfaction filled the face as Helen Hyde emerged forth with a triumphant cry while eagerly groping the curves and muscles of this body.

                Excited in the afterglow of the change she stood up and looked impressed at her new stature and body. It seemed the effect of the Hyde transformation on further enhanced the effects of the shots. Licking her lips hungrily at the naughty feelings this all gave her, Helen glanced in the directions at where Ichika had departed. She wondered perhaps what might happened if she took a few more shots from that Growing Love Pheromone shot what might happened.  

                The idea exited her. Not to mention the prospect of maybe having some fun with Ichika too. Helen took off leaving cracks in the pavement after Ichika. It was time for some loving and Helen was ready to dish out a lot of it.

Insert done by B9TRIBECA
Part of the 2nd Annual Valentine's Day Challenge!

Shot by kaisai134 and Europa17

 Valentine Day is here again. Or Single Awareness Day for some. But lets not be SAD and instead look toward some love. Like the love for female muscles as Elaine tries to put a halt to Ichika's holiday fun. Not that it seems to go well with receiving a double dosage of that special Growing Love Pheromone shots. The results are rather massive.

Helen-Face by Sephzero I like being huge. Whose up for some snu snu?

Character Profile - Profile - Elaine Melbourne X Helen Hyde by Sephzero 
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Europa17 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017
Awesome work…I didn't know that I contributed to a double-whammy!
Sephzero Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Well, Kaisai is working on making it easier to notice who else been shot by Ichika for next year.
SHFan Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
This was a very amusing and fun read. Good to see Elaine back. :)
Sephzero Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Glad you enjoyed the story.
kaisai134 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh nooooooooo! The most dangerous person has been unleashed! XD

Thanks a lot Seph for participating in this! I hope you had fun with it! :wave:
Sephzero Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Heh, fear Helen Hyde that much there? Especially Massive Helen Hyde now.

You are welcome. It was an amusing experience in how to play out the whole situation. Much less decide who would be the victim in all of this. :la:
kaisai134 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmmm... fear someone in which playing gently is bashing your head into and through a wall? And now souped up on a double shot of muscle growth pheromones... Yeah. I think fear is warranted. :XD:
Sephzero Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Hope Ichika is tough or got some good medical insurance. :sexplz: Going to be a lot of snu snu.
kaisai134 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I think this is where being a Shinso/True Ancestor helps. =P
Sephzero Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Helps you endure a long period of ravishing. :icanfly 
Zigs-Lotheon Featured By Owner Edited Feb 14, 2017  New Deviant
Ichika stay off of Youtube also Helen is best lezzie/bi Hyde
Sephzero Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
She got a lot more love to spread before the day is over.
Zigs-Lotheon Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  New Deviant
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