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Though it won't be till next month till the 5th Anniversary of Elaine Melbourne and Helen Hyde kicks off, the recent commission art consolidations have brought some spotlight on another particular Hyde at the moment. Dr. Charlotte Jekyll formerly of the Gemini Crisis… has been through her series of changes much like Elaine.

Back in '08 during my writing of that series, I took advantage of an offer by :iconjitenshasw: to commission her to produce a transformation comic based loosely on the series. Things were still in the trial draft designs at the point so some of the looks and material don't quite match how things are now. But it was still a fun comic sequence showing one of the possible routes on how Little Jekyll unleashed her Hyde.

Originally the comic was packaged as part of a promotional TF bundle by Jitensha who was starting her comic shop business. Though now several years later, the entire comic is seeing its entirety release. So I hope everyone can enjoy this blast to the past look of Charlotte Jekyll and her Hyde. Some sampling of another Hyde before next month's celebration for Elaine to follow. :hooray:
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June 21, 2012


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